Mirjam Bakker is an artist, living in a little village in Holland.

When you walk down the street where I live you'll arive by a river called 'de IJssel'. And there's a ferry which brings you to a lake on the other side of the river.
When you walk up the street where I live there's a hill which leads you to a huge nature area with forests and when the time is right the hill becomes purple by the heather.


8 december 2018 – 20 january 2019
I participate in a group exhibition 'Tijdgeest' at Stichting Nieuwe Ruimte.
De heuvel 32, Velp.
Open on Saterday and Sunday from 12:00 till 17:00.

1 december 2018
Artists from Rheden sell there art at an art market. I'm there with new ink drawings and paintings on paper.
Stichting Nieuwe Ruimte
De Heuvel 32, Velp.
Come to buy a special Christmas gift!

Starting march 2015 - non stop
I started the initiative Care by Colour.
With Care by Colour I give drawing and painting lessons for people living in long term health facilities.

This website is under construction for now you can follow me at instagram.